The Characters

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Noo-Loo is the lead singer of the Furby Mix band. He tends to not think things through, however he always has good intentions.

He has a medium-pitched voice.


Nah-Bah is the backup singer and bass player of Furby Mix. He is cowardly but always sticks up for his friends.

He has a high pitched voice.


Boh-Bay is the Keyboardist and DJ of Furby Mix. He isn't very smart, but is nice.

He has a somewhat low-pitched voice.


Doo-Moh is the guitarist in Furby Mix. He can be rude and sarcastic, but he has a good heart

He has a very low-pitched voice.


Mee-Mee is the drummer in Furby Mix. He is talented with the drums, however he can sometimes be arrogant about it.

He has a very high-pitched voice.